Goa – Beyond parties and water sports!

One of the most famous tourist hot spot in India. Goa is no doubt famous for its beaches, water sports and crazy parties! – especially during the on season. But the original beauty of Goa cannot be missed.

Yes! Am talking about the scenic beauty and the history this place has is really worth beholding. Monsoon is Goa will offer you the perfect weather to enjoy the natural beauty. But there won’t be any water sports that time. We went for a weekend and explored to the fullest within those 2 days!

Best way to explore Goa is to get yourself a vehicle, whether your own or you get cars, bikes and bicycles on rent on pretty cheap rates.

We took a room near to Calangute beach at Johnny’s hotel which is one of the oldest places to stay in Goa, just at 200 meters walking distance from the beach. Rented a bike and set off to explore whatever we came across.

On the first day, started off to the Aguada Fort. A Portuguese Fort constructed in 1613 overlooking the Arabian Sea. No wonder the fort and the view of the mighty Arabian Sea is breathtaking.

At a little distance from Aguada Fort is the Sinquerim beach. Another spot to mesmerize oneself with the beauty of the water and coconut trees drooling over the clear beach.

Sinquerim Beach

On the way from the beach we went to the Dolphin point. For one hour they took Rs. 200 (rates differ from season to season) onto a boat and we set off for the Dolphin spot. We could see some dolphins playing and swimming which was really exciting for us to see but soon they disappeared when all the boats came close.

After all the day activities , at night we went for some authentic Goan food. The mouth watering sea food and the ambience was just too good to get over with at any shack along the beach or Old Goan restaurant.

Sea food at a Shack
Fish thali at Carambolim

We went to Café Mambos  at Baga beach which is just beside Tito’s restaurant. Few hours at Mambo’s , with the loud music and dance floor and a great ambiance was the way we called off for that day. 

Next day was for Old Goa. Speaking of Old Goa, one has to visit the famous Basilica Church which is also UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Basilica Church at Goa

Apart from the beautiful architecture and Art, the biggest mystery is the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. It is believed it’s the same as the day it was buried, that too without any preservatives or chemicals. Devotees from all over the world gather there especially on that particular day when the body is allowed for public viewing every 10 years! (Last held in 2014). The Saint is believed to have miraculous healing power.

The box having the body of St. Francis Xavier

Beside Basilica is the white colored Museum of Archaeological survey of India.

Near to it is one of the most spectacular monuments, St. Augustine Tower. The construction began more than 400 years ago and was completed between 1597 and 1602. This forty-six meter high colossal tower stands tall even after the demolition ordered by the Goa and Portuguese Government in 1835 after it was abandoned due to the expulsion of the religious orders.

St. Augustine Tower

On one hand the remains of this huge Convent gives you goose bumps, while on the other it depicts the beautiful and well designed architecture with galleries, halls, pillars, corridors, dormitories, etc..

There are few beautiful temples including Mahalasa Temple, Shiva temple and Tirupati Temple around the area of Mardol.

The Shiva Temple

While returning from the temples we had a scrumptious fish thali at ‘Lembranca’ , Carambolim, Old Goa. And it’s said to be an authentic thali of Goa. While returning we also saw one of the oldest British Cemetery in India.

The most beautiful thing happened towards the end of the day while we were returning. We saw a complete semi circular rainbow in front of us. It was so huge I couldn’t capture it completely. It was a colourful, bright , vivid and majestic arc. But it definitely gave a beautiful closing for the day 🙂

A bright semi circular rainbow

At night the view of the Casinos at RND Jetty, Panjim is amazing, full of lights and colours which is at the Old Goa. The markets at Candolim, Calangute and Panjim are not to be missed of course.

Casino at Panjim

Definitely Goa is a paradise for all kinds of people with the beautiful beaches, greenery and the humble localites. It’s real beauty can be explored beyond Calanguta and Baga beaches. Even though we just had 2 days in hand, we explored and enjoyed more than we expected.



Happy travelling and exploring! 🙂

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