A Solo Trip to Happy Hampi :) #TravelIndia

A solo trip in India is a less-heard-of concept especially for a woman Indian traveler. But thanks to the internet, you get to see so many blogs and travel write ups where solo travelers write about their solo trips and experiences within India and outside too. After much surfing and research I decided to start off 🙂

Within the city anywhere roaming and exploring alone is fine but going to a different place is something new. There were few options for a weekend gateway , out of those I decided to go to Hampi.


All set, took a bus at night from Mumbai and reached Hospet after around 12 hours. From Hospet there are options such as rickshwas and buses to reach Hampi bazaar. In every half and hour you will get a bus. Took a bus, the fare was only Rs. 13. It’s approximately 10 kms from there. Reached in half an hour to the Hampi bus stand.

The beautiful and majestic Virupaksha temple at the main Hampi Bazaar can been seen when the bus takes a turn to enter the stand. It’s one of the biggest temples there.

Tomb of Virupaksha Temple

Stepping down, it was a feeling I cannot express in words. Travelling in the unknown place, a spiritual land, a place for backpackers – everything was new and exciting.

Entrance to Hampi!

While heading towards the bazaar, the rickshaw guys will ask you to book their rickshaw for the entire day and start giving discount offers. Not needed for anyone wishing to explore the place alone and with own sweet time. Take a map and a guide for the history related to every monument and temples. A bicycle or a mopet is available at every places for rent. It varies from 100 to 150 per day.

Its a nice thing to notice that the local villagers over there including the auto rickshaw guys speak in excellent fluent English with a clear accent! So communication is not at all a problem over there.

Chandikeshvar Temple – Most Architectures are of only huge stones

A short overview about the stay at Hampi – There are basically 2 places one can choose to stay. ‘This’ side of the river which is Hampi Bazaar is mostly a bit crowded and congested. It closes down after sunset and there’s nothing much to do on this side of the river if you have visited all the sites during the day. The only good thing is the restaurants and cafes over here. Famous being the ‘Mango Tree Restaurant’. It’s a must visit for the food and especially for the ambience.

Thali at Mango Tree Restaurant

A simple Meal at Mango Tree Restaurant

One thing to remember, there is no proper phone calling signal at most of the areas of there. But free WIFI is available at every restaurant, cafe and stay options.

The last ferry to cross the river is at 6:00 PM. The ‘Other’ side of the river which is pretty famous among the backpackers is a place to stay for those looking for relaxation, a laid back experience, meet new people, hangout at any time anywhere. It has nice options for stay and food.

A Coracle ride is must if you visit Hampi. You can either book it solo for crossing the Tungabhadra river or you can share it with fellow people over there.

Coracle ride at Tungabhadra River

Nests of the Weaver bird 🙂

There are paddy fields, boulders, hills, beautiful trees and you can also spot some beautiful birds there. So many nests can be spot at different trees of the Baya Weaver or the ‘Weaver bird’!




A view of the Other side of the River

Guest houses beyond the Paddy fields

I took a bicycle for the entire day and headed as per the map I had. Started with Vittala Temple, Narashima Temple, Underground Shiva Temple, Royal Enclosure, Pushkarni , Queen’s bath.

Entrance to Underground Shiva Temple

Underground Shiva Temple. While entering, it gives a feeling of going in the past back to thousands of years like a Time Machine!

A section of Mohammadan Watch Tower, Band tower and Mosque


Hazararama Temple

Beautiful Art inside Hazararama Temple

Structure opposite to Hazararama Temple

Giant rocks of Hampi!

Everywhere in Hampi the rocks/boulders seems to attach loosely to each other. A small push or displacement might lead to the fall of all the rocks at the same time it seems! But nothing as such has been reported till now!



Virupaksha Temple at Sunset

Sacred Elephant blessing inside Virupaksha Temple

Another part outside of Virupaksha temple during Sunset

The ‘Other ‘ side of the river is yet to be explored completely. Next time!

If you really looking for some own peaceful time and to meet new people or just chill out, Hampi is the place you must visit. With the exceptional touch of History and the scenic beauty  along with the home to backpackers, it offers everything.

Keep Exploring…….!

Next Trip Coming Up soon 🙂

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