The White Desert of India – Rann of Kutch! #TravelIndia

Come winter and the white salt desert visit is a must! The crystalline white infinite horizon shining under the sun is a view to behold with own eyes. A 2 day-trip started from Mumbai on Friday on the Kutch Express and reached Bhuj next day morning. Rented Cruiser from Wicked Ride . The service was pretty smooth and hassle free with no security deposit.

Bullets @ Wicked Ride, Bhuj


The ride to Kutch is approx 2 hours one way from Bhuj. Near Kutch you need to make the entry pass from the Security Checkpost – it is mandatory. Carry your ID cards for the same.

There’s a Magnetic Field – ‘Kalo Dungar‘ or the Black Hills , where any vehicle will move forward without the key! Do check that place. It’s a little detour from the straight road to Kutch but worth a visit.

@ Kalo Dungar


From there we went to the White Rann. Picturesque beauty – solid white everywhere and the setting sun. You need to see it to experience the flawlessness. Words cannot describe the serenity.

Infinite White Desert


There are snacks stalls available just outside the entrance to the White Desert. Post sunset it becomes totally dark so take a torch or cell flash light with you.

There are tents for the Kutch festival near the White Desert – the ones where you can book and stay and enjoy the food, culture and the Rann festival. It is a bit costly though, hence we decided to stay at Bhuj since we had return train from there and another reason was the superb bike ride in the bone-chilling cold!

Bonfire to beat the chilling cold
Traditional dress materials @ Kutch Festival Exhibition



Accomodation – Stay at Bhuj was just okay and we preferred not to spend much since only wanted to keep the bags. You will get good options through , airbnb, etc.

Food – You will get traditional food at all places. Anando restaurant, near the lake is a famous one. Another small dhaba/hotel(forgot the name) just on the opposite road of Anando is equally good one. The foods are really good, try out the special mirch and lassi.


The sunset and the sunrise are equally mesmerizing at the Kutch.

The Sunset at Rann of Kutch #nonedited






Sunrise @ Rann of Kutch

Next we went to Prag Mahal – the one where the masterpiece ‘Lagaan’ was shot. Due to the earthquake in Bhuj, many things have been damaged but still they have managed to keep it as intact as possible.

Prag Mahal @ Bhuj
The Office Room of the British Officials in the film Lagaan damaged due to earthquake

In the evening since we had time, went to a park near the Lake within the town. It was serene, calm and lots of beautiful birds could be spot there.

A Moon shot is a must for me at any place I go, hence here it is…

#nikonphotography #nonedited

No wonder kutch has its own story to tell. Especially a bike ride adds to the beauty. Give it a try and enjoy the beauty of this place. Happy travelling 🙂


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