7 ways how traveling can enlighten us in life #Travelwithlove

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” – Anonymous

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions” – Peter Hoeg

Have you ever thought instead of human being if we would have been trees then how would life would have been? Strange and ‘fixed’ at one place! Isn’t it? Nature is the ultimate beauty, peace and gift that we all have received by default. But very few of us actually realize and respect that. To see all such beautiful places on Earth and get swayed in its ambiance one needs to travel. Yes! Travelling is the single most solution to many problems that goes in our head and in turn our life. Travelling can enlighten us in many ways.

Confidence: We travel with our family and friends and of course it’s extremely enjoyable and fun. But when we travel alone we travel for ourselves – for some alone time or to explore or to know oneself better or it could be a hobby. The reasons can be many but the kind of confidence we get is something that helps us to move ahead in life.

Somdutta Sarkar 0096
Confidence – no matter what!

Acceptance: We come across different kinds of people while travelling who might not be same like us. We come across different situations which are not always smooth. Travelling enables us to accept life as it is and helps us reset all the things that we cannot change and teaches us to let go.


Gratitude: In our busy schedules in life we hardly get time to thank the people whom we should, at least once. Travelling shows us the value of gratitude – to the people who help us when we are stuck in a problematic situation, to the Nature for providing us all possible resources to live a beautiful and healthy life.

Thankful for everything we have

Humility: Humility comes with deep understanding and respect for each other. When we come across so many different kinds of people while travelling we see that everyone of us is same. There are many people out there who are willing to help us in times of need. The basic human nature is same.

Connection with Nature: Nothing cures and heals better than the touch of Mother Nature. We feel connected and in sync in the lap of nature.

Nature – the biggest gift to us

Connection with one self: We are social animals. But sometimes we need time only with ourselves. The connection that we feel and enjoy with ourselves is something that everybody should have.

Living in the present: Travelling teaches us that ‘today’ is the day we have, past is gone, future has not yet come. Hence, the best we can do is today. Live in the present.

Live in the present

Traveling shows us many important things in life. It makes us stronger, more open-minded, more accepting, more humble, more positive towards life, better outlook to deal with problems and of-course makes us happy from within. So travel, whenever you can, wherever you can. Happy traveling 🙂

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