Best place to have food on Iftar in Mumbai – Mohammed Ali Road

What comes to your mind when it’s the month of Ramzaan? Iftar food! Undoubtedly, one of the most delectable and finger-licking taste could be found this time of the year. But the question is where should you go to have this food? The answer is Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai.

Next question is, with a plethora of such a huge variety of items, what should you eat? Here is a quick guide to help you enjoy the Iftar moments.

Head straight to Md Ali Road, under the JJ Flyover. The entire street is fully packed with people and foods! Yes, it’s madly crowded. But just relax, take a deep breath and take the plunge into the ocean of food lovers. Reach Minara Masjid and walk through the entire street bursting with food joints.

Tip : There are other Masjid around. Be sure to check in map or ask someone the way to Minara Masjib. It is under the flyover.

Most of these food items mentioned below are available at almost all the restaurants and food stalls. However, as per the public reviews and personal experience, Chinese n Grill, Hindustan restaurant , Faham restaurant and Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Durbar tops the chart. The food stalls are no less too.

The fast is traditionally broken with dates or a glass of water. It can also be done with a delicious dish – Haleem  (also known ad Khichda in Mumbai). This is made out of wheat, lentils and meat. The preparation may vary from region to region all over the world, however, in India it’s a standard and a favorite in this month.

No food walk can be complete without the kebabs. The various types of juicy and mouth watering spicy hot kebabs are a must try. The open food stalls offer a long list to choose from.


Kebabs and tikkas

Have a plate of Tandoor Quail from the food stalls opposite to Islahi Dawakhana. The chicken angara is another must try with tandoori/rumali roti.

Surti Barah Handi – a slow cooking meat dish will leave you wanting for more. The cooking is done in earthen clay pots, adding to the authentic aroma and texture leaving the meat as tender as possible with gravy.

Rolls and Mughlai paranthas


Nalli Nihari, another tender cooked meat dish is a must try with roti at Chinese n Grill. Needless to say, the Biryani is always there to gorge in.

No treat can be complete without desserts. The ones during Iftar has a special highlight. These traditional desserts are a must try. Phirni, pink sherbat, badam sherbat, rabdi, malpua and many more.


Phirni and Rabdi

Given the choice of delicacies, everything cannot be tasted in an hour or two, so take quite sometime and enjoy these yummy treats to satisfy your taste buds and soul.

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