Foods of Sri Lanka. What to taste when in Sri Lanka

Wherever we go, whatever we do, every trip and everything remains incomplete if we don’t taste the authentic local food of that place. My taste buds are always on the lookout for tasting the delicious traditional local foods of all places. Here are some of the most yummy dishes I came across during my trip to Sri Lanka in 7 days. The entire trip was under INR 20,000! You can see the itinerary and other details here.

Indian is known to be the food paradise for food lovers and I being a big time Indian foodie tried all kinds of items I got in Sri Lanka.

Here are some of the most delectable items you must try out once you are in Sri Lanka.



The above photo is of the following –

  • Small ones are Mix gram wadei
  • Thosai on left and String hoppers on right with coconut sambol
Traditional Sri Lankan desserts

The above photo is of the following –

  • Sweet trickle hoppers( pani appa)
  • Baby jack-fruit cutlets (something spicy)
  • Caramelized coconut balls (pani pol guli)
  • Sesame and trickle balls (aggala)

Simple coconut ‘tadka’ with plain rice – ‘Coconut Sambol and rice’
Kottu – Traditional Sri Lankan food – A trademark of Sri Lankan Street food
Traditional Sri Lankan thali with rice, vegetables and papad
Home made delicacies
Fresh Avocado juice with traditional thali


  • IMG_20180915_073626
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    The above is the coffee. I found it to be granular and not getting dissolved easily. Also I observed that people there use milk powder often rather than the normal liquid milk. Hence, the tea and coffee tastes are quite different.


Common Burger
Enter a caption

The above ones are home made sweets like the Gujiya that you get in India –

  • Long one: Mun Keum
  • Round one: Kokis
  • Square one: Aluwa

If you have tasted some other delicacies in Sri Lanka, do share in the comments, would love to hear.

Happy traveling 🙂



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