This is why only MOTIVATION will not help you

“Can you give me some motivation tips?”

Someone asked me the other day.

I asked, “Why do you want motivation tips?”

“Because I am going through some challenges in terms of relationship hence I need some motivation tips.”

After listening to the challenges I asked, “Will getting few motivation tips solve your problem?”

“I think so.”

Has this happened with you too?

When we are in problem and in low-emotional phase in life, we think that getting some motivation will solve our problems.

Quick-fix is the go-to solution for majority of the people. Everything is wanted instantly like the 2-minute maggi noodles. But the irony is that it is never made in 2 minutes!

So how can you expect a quick fix solution to every damn thing in life?

The facts which no one tells are –

  • We have never been taught how to deal with problems and go through it instead of avoiding
  • We have never been told that failure is just a lesson and not the end of life
  • We have never been shown that we all are unique and we need not go by the society norms each and every day of our lives
  • We have never been said that we all have utmost potential to something great in life
  • We have never been said that we also need to sacrifice few things in life when we actually want something big in life
  • We have never been shown that success is for everyone who TRULY wants it

So, when any challenges comes in the way or even little issues, we think that the mountain has fallen on us!

Instead if you could just focus on the root cause of the problem then you can easily find the solution to it.

Most of the time the answers are always hidden in the questions itself!

It just needs a little bit of calmness, patience and the art of asking the ‘right and specific’ questions. Only then you will get the right and specific answers.

Other things to keep in mind

Motivation is temporary. Period.

If you are not self-motivated, you will always cry and crib when the time is not right.

It is like an addiction. When it is not there you feel like giving up!

Motivation will fly out of the window if you are not sure on your ‘why’, your purpose, your passion, your mission and vision on this planet.

You will always find something or the other to depend on.

Nowadays, you get so many stuffs on the internet to get motivated but then why do you think so many people still stay sad, stressed, depressed, complaining, crying etc?

I hope you got your answer why just finding some motivation from here and there won’t help you.

When you face any problems or challenges, remember –

  • To first check whether that problem even needs your attention, time and energy or not
  • Ensure that you have taken all the steps needed to find the solution to it
  • If you still haven’t found what to do that means you have not applied every possible options you have for the solution
  • If you are looking for a quick fix, you will always be in that same low state forever
  • If you want to develop mental toughness for any kind of challenges in life you have to develop courage and that can be achieved by going through the problems itself

And of course, patience, consistency and never-give-up attitude will always help you go through your challenges in life

I believe that the real learning happens when we get to know real life stories and experiences. If you also are a student of Life and want to learn more, listen to Intensify Humanity Podcast for more real experiences!

To get the real life examples and solutions read my bestselling book 7 Steps from Shame to Being Back in the Game.

Intensify Life!

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