When you feel STUCK…

One day you get up from sleep and open your eyes. You not able to see anything. You switched on the lights, but still nothing. It’s pitch dark. No light. No sound. Nothing.

You scream. You ask for help. You cry.

No one listening to you. You get panicked.

In the darkness you are looking for a way out, to see something, to hear something, anything, anyhow.

But nothing you can see. Nothing you can hear.

You start running. You just know that you HAVE to get out from this darkness. You simply keep running.

But where you are going, what’s in front you, you don’t know since you are not able to see anything in that darkness.

Slowly after a lot of struggle, after a lot of head banging on the floor, after tons of tears that have flown, you calm down, you slow down, you sit down.

Your mind, still not clear and your eyes, straining to find a spec of light.

And then…

In that darkness, in that eerie silence, you can hear your thoughts now, you can listen to your heartbeats, you can feel your breath.

And there you are! You get a sudden strange feeling in that traumatic situation.

You become calmer, more relaxed, more aware of your breath, your existence.

You feel your breath, blinking of your eye lids, touch of the ground under your feet, touch of your tears rolling down silently over your cheeks.

You FEEL the presence of someone near you, beside you, within you. You don’t know who it is.


You FEEL the presence of the UNIVERSE.

You realize you are the part of the same Universe.

You realize you the creation of the same Universe.

You realize you are nothing without the Universe.

You realize your FAITH in the Universe.

You heartbeat slows down, your panting slow down, your worry ceases.

You know that you are where you are supposed to be.

You know that you are the creation of the Universe with utmost potential.

You know that you have never realized your existence till today.

You realized that everything about you matters.

You realize that your breath is the parameter of your response.

You realize that your thoughts are the creation of your reality.

You realize that the only thing you need is your FAITH.

You realize that your FAITH in the Universe is unshakable.

You realize who you are.

You realize what you are.

And then…

You open you eyes and realize that you’ve got a new life. A new day.

A DREAM so big, so deep! A realization so strong, a thought so deep!


The FAITH that we lost somewhere in our busy lives is restored especially when we are in deep shit.

Our own EXISTENCE becomes clearer.

Our PURPOSE becomes clearer.

Our THOUGHTS become clearer.


Whenever you feel so damn stuck in life, always remember to connect with your higher self.

Always remember that nothing is permanent.

Always remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You will see once you VISUALIZE the exact outcome that YOU WANT, IT WILL HAPPEN.

You will realize that once you have unshakable FAITH in the UNIVERSE, you will come out of that situation.

You will realize that once you believe and FEEL your existence, you will become unstoppable.

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Intensify Life!

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