ONE thing without which you can’t be an Entrepreneur

There are many articles and videos sharing what are the signs that you can analyze within yourself – whether you are an employee type of person or you have the entrepreneurial bug.

However, even when people start their own business, they get the real flavour of entrepreneurship.

Some feel it’s too much and give up on their ‘dreams’ and get back to doing what they were anyway doing.

Whereas some people who start, keep at it and keep going until they make it.

You might be thinking this is because they have determination, mental capacity, the right attitude, the right mindset. Yes everything is true. All these are needed.

But that ONE thing which makes you stand out and makes you get what you want in life is – Courage.

“I am courageous”

“I fear nothing!”

This might be the first reaction of some of you.

This courage is the one which is required when –

  • All hope is gone
  • You don’t have money to even survive
  • You see challenges and roadblocks pouring in your business
  • You see people around you losing trust on you
  • No ideas work
  • ……………and the list goes on

If you have the appetite to ride through this wave of uncertainty, show and demonstrate your courage when needed, then yes you can be good entrepreneur.

Courage is something you can never learn. You can only feel and demonstrate.

Here’s a common thing and pattern that I learnt from the leaders I have spoken to and learnt from like Dan Lok, Dev Gadhvi, Ron Malhotra, Mark Metry, Jasvinder Sanghera just to name a few –

You choose the problems yourself that you want rather than life giving you the ones that you don’t want

When in entrepreneurship, this changes the entire game. When you are headstrong and you choose (most) of the problems that you want to deal with, then imagine how it’s going to be.

So all the different things like determination, clarity, consistency, smart work, etc. are definitely needed. But everything goes in vain without courage.

Would love to hear from you when are the moments in your entrepreneurial journey, you have demonstrated courage the most.

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