Have you identified the ‘knocks’ in your life

Most of us dream of living a life where you work and earn by doing something that you love to do.

At least once this thought has crossed the minds of most of the people who are in jobs.

I thought too.

But my thinking did not push me enough to quit my job and start doing business around something I love.

What pushed me was ‘life‘!

As melodramatic it sounds, it is actually true.

Since I was not understanding the subtle knocks on my head that life was giving, like-

  • no passion, no love in my work that I was doing in my job
  • no energy at the end of the day, stressed, depressed
  • no willingness or enthusiasm to go to office in the morning to work
  • no creativity
  • no exploration or expansion
  • no money left just a few days after the salary came (only one source of income)

Then life gave me the blow – basically in a way where I made certain choices which actually led me to a huge financial debt.

And then all the bulbs of my mind truly started to light!

I understood why I was feeling the way I was feeling. Why I was having only one source of income, why I was living a completely hopeless life just like anybody else  out there and expecting a different result!!

What I also understood was – the hints and the knocks  are always here given by life.

But are we picking up those hints and understanding what to do with those?

Or what exactly life is trying to tell us or rather teach us?

This is the reason which led me to pen down every practical step in my bestselling book 7 Steps from Shame to being Back in the Game that I have taken to come out of that shell and redefine and redesign my life which helped me quit my job, come out of the financial mess and earn by doing something I love to do.

Have you identified your knocks by life yet?

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