Intensify Life. Intensify Humanity.

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“When life itself is temporary, how can problems be permanent”

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Intensify Life. Intensify Humanity.

This mission is to touch the lives on this planet who are suffering from directionless, no-clarity and meaningless life. To help people find out who they really are, intensify life in all aspects like family, health and money, become a part of the movement.

What People Say About Som

“True Leader! Great Communicator! Great Mentor!
Since Sept 2019 – my mentorship journey started with Som – she played a great role as a Mentor and provided such great guidance and support! Which is commendable! If you are seeking transformation in your life then you are following, watching, and reading the right person’s details!”
– Amol Salunkhe

Somdutta is a really great human being and she understands human psychology very very well. She can understand deep routed causes of the pain with finesse. Som has helped me to understand my concern and provide me the solution in a very easy and convenient manner. – Shubham Mittal

Somdutta great person in total she asks very precise questions that make you thinking and those questions will lead to solutions too. I was completely stuck when she came in and after having long discussions finally, she made me unstuck. I am thankful for her great efforts and result producing approach. – Sourabh Saini

A lady comfortable in her skin, solo Traveller, podcast host and a wonderful listener, Somdutta is pleasure to be with. She helps bring out your uniqueness with her power of listening & asking relevant questions. – Aureen M Monteiro

Without Som’s mentorship and guidance I would never have even dreamt of doing something like this. Launching my book and completing it within just 1.5 months! She showed me who I really am and what is my purpose and meaning in life. – Anupreet Kaur (Dr. Arshnoor Kaur)

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“You make a choice to give up. You make a choice to succeed. Choose which one you want to go with!” – Somdutta Sarkar

Breath of Life

We are what we think. But how do we actually navigate to how “should” we think to intensify our lives, read here.

Intensify Humanity Podcast

Listen to the ordinary people who have been to the extreme situations of life and death and still how they have made it big in life extraordinarily.

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When you are in the zone of like-minded people, their positive energy gets rubbed off on you. When you want to grow, be with the same like-minded people.

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