Somdutta Sarkar helps people intensify their life to the fullest potential to design and live the kind of success they want and build their business around passion.

“If you are not successful holistically, then you are not successful after all”

After investing time, energy and finance for decades in traditional education system, it’s very surprising, funny and suffocating at the same time, how blindly people have been taught to learn things which are in no way related to the hard-core development (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially).

Never been taught
– How to co-exist in a relationship and troubleshoot the problems
– How to THINK, how to behave
– How to IMPLEMENT like a successful person
– How to take calculated risks & how to earn the kind of money they want

After working on herself and getting to learn from World Class Mentors & Leaders, her entire thinking process has undergone a paradigm shift. She applied the learning in her life which got her to where she is today.
She helps people to get them from ‘where they are’ to ‘where they want to be’ in terms of –

– Money
– Relationship
– Health (Mental & Emotional)

What I think…

“It’s okay to have problems in life but not okay to stay in that situation forever.”

“When LIFE itself is temporary, how can problems be permanent.”

“Ignorance is not a bliss, it’s a disease.”

Let’s INTENSIFY humanity together.

Let’s INTENSIFY life together.

Let’s build something together.