ONE thing without which you can’t be an Entrepreneur

There are many articles and videos sharing what are the signs that you can analyze within yourself – whether you are an employee type of person or you have the entrepreneurial bug. However, even when people start their own business, they get the real flavour of entrepreneurship. Some feel it’s too much and give upContinue reading “ONE thing without which you can’t be an Entrepreneur”

3 Questions to ask yourself if you are 1st time Entrepreneur

Few decades back the most popular words were “MBA”, “Engineer”, “Doctor”, “Govt. Service” and few more. In the recent times it has taken an entirely new shape and the words that dominate and attract are “Entrepreneurs“, “Businessman”, “Businesswoman”, “Business Tycoons”. How did this shift happen? Let’s see a quick context before getting to the mainContinue reading “3 Questions to ask yourself if you are 1st time Entrepreneur”

How to start parallel streams of income?

This is a universal question which has crossed at least once in everyone’s mind. When I was in a job, I hardly had any extra source of income. However, due to certain circumstances, I had to freelance for quite some time along with the job. But then it was too time consuming for me atContinue reading “How to start parallel streams of income?”