Intensify Humanity Podcast

“We come across so many
different kinds of personalities in life. Each and every body has a story. But
some have stories about themselves and their life which can shake up the
beliefs and misconceptions among human beings as well as instill a sense of
strong trust and empathy thereby intensifying humanity.

We bring about the stories of those
human beings who are just ordinary like all of us but with extraordinary
experiences, journey and contributions.”


Episode #1


Chetan Mahajan

Founder of The Himalayan Writing Retreat & the renowned Author of the book, ‘The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail’, the former CEO of HCL and an excellent living example of a never-give-up attitude, Chetan Mahajan is redefining and intensifying humanity by his stories, experiences, wit and contributions to the world!

Takeaways from this episode –
1. What to do when unwanted & grave situation strikes
2. How to stay grounded when there’s a cyclone in life
3. How to re-shape your life post that cyclone

Episode #1 : Chetan Mahajan on Intensify Humanity Podcast


Episode #2



Dev Gadhvi

The renowned Author of the book “80% Mindset 20% Skills”, the Mentor who is transforming the lives of so many people from various stages and backgrounds and an excellent living example of how to never be afraid to try something new which is totally unknown is smashing old belief systems and redefining the way we think thereby intensifying humanity to the highest possible level in the world.

Takeaways from this episode –
1. Follow your dreams even when no one believes in you
2. Take ‘calculated risk’ especially when you have family responsibility
3. Always take the help of a Mentor who believes in you wholeheartedly and guides you throughout

Episode #2 : Dev Gadhvi on Intensify Humanity Podcast

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