EatStreet at Brisbane. Food paradise in Australia

When you are in a new country, the first thing you look for is food, be it your native food or the local food. But when you have the option of pampering your taste buds with not just your native food but also local foods and delicacies from all over the world, what do you […]

10 Best Places in India for Solo Female Travelers – Budget Friendly

With a full time job and only few weekends to spend for myself in a year, it’s a little bit of extra work of planning for a solo trip. Although there are lots of places in India to visit solo(for everyone irrespective of men or women), here are the top most as per budget, food […]

Kasol – Food paradise and peace retreat in the lap of Himalayas! #TravelIndia

No wonder Kasol is one of the places in the Parvati valley of Himalayas where backpacking as a traveller is very famous rather than visit as a tourist.

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