Things to do in Penang(Malaysia) in a Day! #SoloTraveling

Welcome again travelers! Penang – in a day sounds really confusing right? So let me tell you this story is going to be about the places, foods and the people of Penang that I have experienced in a day’s time! I will provide as much information as possible and it is going to be a bit lengthy, so keep reading and enjoying the images too.

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  • For visa you need to apply beforehand.
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Overview :

George Town, Capital city of Penang has many interesting places and some amazing foods for the taste buds. Some of the best places – St. George Church, Goddess of Mercy Temple (Chinese style ancient temple), Penang State Museum and Art, Kek Lok Si (19th century Buddhist Temple), Little India, the creative and colorful Art works at almost all streets, Queen Street, Cheong Fatt Tze (The Blue Mansion) and manyΒ  more.

What to do in a single day :

Well, you cannot cover all the places and see everything in a day’s time. So these are some points of interest which are worth visiting and exploring.

Morning – Go to Penang Hill, the highest point of Penang with an exquisite flora and fauna and breathtaking view from the top. You can take the train which takes around 15 mins to reach the top or can hike – although train is the fastest and comfortable route. You can spend few hours or whole day depending on your likeness.

Day/Evening – Tour around the town by walking. You definitely need to visit the streets of Chinese Temples, Little India and Kalitan Mosque, all one after the other. The amazing street arts are so creative that every art form portrays a message. See few of the Art forms below.

These are just few of the Street Art works (below) you would come across at all the streets and corners.

These are so vibrant and creative with a strong and beautiful message in every Art form.

Go to the Blue Mansion – It is a Government gazetted heritage building. It is now a Chinese boutique hotel. This was made at the end of 19th century and has 38 rooms, 5 granite-paved courtyards, 7 staircases and 220 vernacular timber louvre windows. This is a must visit which portrays the Chinese architecture and Feng Shui in every corner of the mansion.

Food : This is my favorite section. Definitely try out the local foods there, especially if you are non-veg and sea food lover. Veg options are also quite good.

This is the place where you can get fresh sea foods.

There are lots of things to do and see at Penang. But if you have a single day out there, you can definitely go for these above things. The food, culture and the people will leave you wanting to come back again.

Happy traveling πŸ™‚

Andamans – the coral treasures of India – Part 2 – #Neil Island #TravelIndia

As mentioned in my previous journey experience, we spent the first day at Port Blair exploring Corbyn’s Cove Beach and Cellular Jail. Next day we went to Neil Island.

In one line – this is the abode for Nature Lovers. Eccentric beauty, calmness, marine eco system are a treat to the eyes and soul. Although couldn’t capture all these in the camera but managed to frame some of it (photos below). The experience Neil will provide is soothing at the same time adventurous!


Reached Neil in the morning and the stay was at Pearl Park Beach Resort. It’s an excellent resort with individual cottage style rooms with a private beach!

Beach at the Resort during Low Tide

Day 2 :

Scuba Diving! Yes! Got to know that it starts from 7 am to 12 pm. So we booked the slot and went for it. Although I wanted to go for the training and try it out alone, but that involves spending atleast 7 days there and then go alone for the dive.

They took us in a boat to quite a bit interior where the water was 11 meters deep. Individual instructors were there for assistance. The experience under water is something which I cannot describe in words. But just like it’s said in the film ZNMD, it’s like a meditation – it truly is. Sheer bliss! The most quietest and beautiful place on Earth. Colorful fishes and corals of different shape and sizes gives us the feeling of a new unknown world.





By the time we returned from the sea, we were extremely hungry. Had these amazing local cuisines – Crab curry, fish curry with regular rice and vegetables. Needless to say the foods at all places in Andamans is yumm!

Later that day headed for Laxmanpur-II bridge which is popularly known as the Natural Bridge or Howrah Bridge. This is the place where a nature lover can spend the entire day! The entire area is having small and big water ponds – rather ecosystems and the marine life is simply amazing! And at every place there are different types of corals, fishes, start-fishes, sea-cucumbers, frogs, original raw shells, and the most colorful crabs I have ever seen anywhere!

Natural Bridge or Howrah Bridge @ Neil Island


When these Velvet Corals are touched, it closes down
Raw shells under water
Raw colorful shell at Neil
‘You wanna mess with me?’ – Colorful giant crab!

Most tour operators don’t take the people to Neil and instead takes them to other places. Personally along with other places, would suggest to spend atleast a day at Neil Island.

It’s beautiful and mesmerizing!

Another Moon shot with my Nikon πŸ™‚

Next coming up is Havelock Island. Stay tuned πŸ™‚