Is entrepreneurship for me?

When you are on a roller coaster ride for sometime, you love it. You love the excitement, the thrill, the adventure.

But what if I tell you, you have to be on this ride for long enough than you can imagine – may be life time?

Will you still go for this ride?

This is what you need to ask yourself before embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Most people see the ‘success‘ stories and the accomplishments of entrepreneurs.

But they fail to observe and understand what goes behind to reach that level of success.

As mentioned, it’s a roller coaster ride – not only full of adventure, thrill and excitement but also loneliness, sadness, extreme pressure, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, humiliation and lots of other emotions play the game.

But the only people who survive have these things in common:

  • They never ever give up
  • Their attitude is ‘everything is possible’
  • Their focus and concentration are intact
  • Even when they fall badly, they quickly bounce back
  • They look for challenges voluntarily
  • They derive the opportunities from the challenges
  • They look for the problems to solve them upfront
  • They are always ready to face their fear come what may
  • They show immense amount of courage
  • They don’t shy away from being vulnerable
  • They have high emotional intelligence (EQ) more than IQ
  • They burn their boat to move only forward
  • They take 100% responsibility
  • They look for serving people, animal, environment in some way or the other

If you find yourself having these traits and qualities, congratulations! You can become an entrepreneur.

There are many things to be learnt and implemented when you are starting your journey as an entrepreneur. Watch out for this space to learn more!

Meanwhile you can read my bestselling book 7 Steps From Shame To Being Back In The Game where I have also given a detailed explanation how I transitioned from my job to start my entrepreneurial journey.

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3 Questions to ask yourself if you are 1st time Entrepreneur

Few decades back the most popular words were “MBA”, “Engineer”, “Doctor”, “Govt. Service” and few more.

In the recent times it has taken an entirely new shape and the words that dominate and attract are “Entrepreneurs“, “Businessman”, “Businesswoman”, “Business Tycoons”.

How did this shift happen?

Let’s see a quick context before getting to the main 3 things that you must never forget!

People have been stressed and frustrated since a long time, no doubt about that. But in recent few years there has been a major shift in understanding, knowing and finding the solutions to problems.

We have started realizing that

  • Only degree is not giving us the life we want
  • With only academic education no one learnt how to earn money in various ways
  • With the changing times, there are changing demands which were not met with the existing solutions
  • With the advancement in technology, people who are not upgrading themselves in terms of their growth, it is becoming more difficult for them

…and lots more

Who are Entrepreneurs exactly?

This is important to understand at the beginning because, there are a majority of the people who think that Entrepreneurs are businessmen who make money.

Whereas – the real meaning of an Entrepreneur is someone who solves a problem.

This solution helps the society/world in some way or the other and they generate and earn money.

The more and bigger problems Entrepreneurs solve, the more they get paid.

Now, the question is – what problem you want to solve?

So here are the 3 main questions you must ask yourself if you are a first time Entrepreneur (or are thinking to become one)

  1. Why do you want to become an Entrepreneur?

This question is the most crucial and important one. Why? Because if you are thinking to become one just because your friend or your neighbour’s son is an Entrepreneur and it looks sexy to you, then you are signing up for the doom’s day!

Knowing exactly why you want to shift career and become an Entrepreneur is to know – what problem you want to solve? Why do you want to solve it? And What is your purpose in life?

2. Do you have the appetite and attitude for what you are signing up for?

If you think it’s all roses and lilies – you are dead. Ask yourself and know it for sure that –

  • Do you have risk-taking ability?
  • Can you get up and move forward even if you have lots of failures and setbacks?
  • Can you take extreme ownership, not blame the entire world and do what is needed to be done without wasting time?
  • How well can you handle and channelize your stress, anger and frustration?
  • How good are you with people? (It doesn’t matter whether you an an introvert or an extrovert)

When you genuinely have the answers to these questions, you will realize whether Entrepreneurship is for you or not.

3. How long and how far are you ready to push yourself on this path?

Unlike job, there’s no time limit when you will hit that mark where you can actually say “Yes! I’ve done it”.

For example, Amazon for around 20 years did not have profit. Whatever money they have, they put it back in the business in very simple terms for you to understand.

Now the thing is are you ready to go far and beyond and do whatever it takes to reach where you want to reach?

So be clear on this aspect at the beginning so that you don’t start cursing yourself and others around you and start blaming everything on luck!

Remember – Entrepreneurs create luck for themselves and others!

So, are you ready to take the plunge and start on this journey?

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When you feel STUCK…

One day you get up from sleep and open your eyes. You not able to see anything. You switched on the lights, but still nothing. It’s pitch dark. No light. No sound. Nothing.

You scream. You ask for help. You cry.

No one listening to you. You get panicked.

In the darkness you are looking for a way out, to see something, to hear something, anything, anyhow.

But nothing you can see. Nothing you can hear.

You start running. You just know that you HAVE to get out from this darkness. You simply keep running.

But where you are going, what’s in front you, you don’t know since you are not able to see anything in that darkness.

Slowly after a lot of struggle, after a lot of head banging on the floor, after tons of tears that have flown, you calm down, you slow down, you sit down.

Your mind, still not clear and your eyes, straining to find a spec of light.

And then…

In that darkness, in that eerie silence, you can hear your thoughts now, you can listen to your heartbeats, you can feel your breath.

And there you are! You get a sudden strange feeling in that traumatic situation.

You become calmer, more relaxed, more aware of your breath, your existence.

You feel your breath, blinking of your eye lids, touch of the ground under your feet, touch of your tears rolling down silently over your cheeks.

You FEEL the presence of someone near you, beside you, within you. You don’t know who it is.


You FEEL the presence of the UNIVERSE.

You realize you are the part of the same Universe.

You realize you the creation of the same Universe.

You realize you are nothing without the Universe.

You realize your FAITH in the Universe.

You heartbeat slows down, your panting slow down, your worry ceases.

You know that you are where you are supposed to be.

You know that you are the creation of the Universe with utmost potential.

You know that you have never realized your existence till today.

You realized that everything about you matters.

You realize that your breath is the parameter of your response.

You realize that your thoughts are the creation of your reality.

You realize that the only thing you need is your FAITH.

You realize that your FAITH in the Universe is unshakable.

You realize who you are.

You realize what you are.

And then…

You open you eyes and realize that you’ve got a new life. A new day.

A DREAM so big, so deep! A realization so strong, a thought so deep!


The FAITH that we lost somewhere in our busy lives is restored especially when we are in deep shit.

Our own EXISTENCE becomes clearer.

Our PURPOSE becomes clearer.

Our THOUGHTS become clearer.


Whenever you feel so damn stuck in life, always remember to connect with your higher self.

Always remember that nothing is permanent.

Always remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You will see once you VISUALIZE the exact outcome that YOU WANT, IT WILL HAPPEN.

You will realize that once you have unshakable FAITH in the UNIVERSE, you will come out of that situation.

You will realize that once you believe and FEEL your existence, you will become unstoppable.

For more insights and practical steps to implement read my bestselling book – 7 Steps from Shame to being Back in the Game

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This is why only MOTIVATION will not help you

“Can you give me some motivation tips?”

Someone asked me the other day.

I asked, “Why do you want motivation tips?”

“Because I am going through some challenges in terms of relationship hence I need some motivation tips.”

After listening to the challenges I asked, “Will getting few motivation tips solve your problem?”

“I think so.”

Has this happened with you too?

When we are in problem and in low-emotional phase in life, we think that getting some motivation will solve our problems.

Quick-fix is the go-to solution for majority of the people. Everything is wanted instantly like the 2-minute maggi noodles. But the irony is that it is never made in 2 minutes!

So how can you expect a quick fix solution to every damn thing in life?

The facts which no one tells are –

  • We have never been taught how to deal with problems and go through it instead of avoiding
  • We have never been told that failure is just a lesson and not the end of life
  • We have never been shown that we all are unique and we need not go by the society norms each and every day of our lives
  • We have never been said that we all have utmost potential to something great in life
  • We have never been said that we also need to sacrifice few things in life when we actually want something big in life
  • We have never been shown that success is for everyone who TRULY wants it

So, when any challenges comes in the way or even little issues, we think that the mountain has fallen on us!

Instead if you could just focus on the root cause of the problem then you can easily find the solution to it.

Most of the time the answers are always hidden in the questions itself!

It just needs a little bit of calmness, patience and the art of asking the ‘right and specific’ questions. Only then you will get the right and specific answers.

Other things to keep in mind

Motivation is temporary. Period.

If you are not self-motivated, you will always cry and crib when the time is not right.

It is like an addiction. When it is not there you feel like giving up!

Motivation will fly out of the window if you are not sure on your ‘why’, your purpose, your passion, your mission and vision on this planet.

You will always find something or the other to depend on.

Nowadays, you get so many stuffs on the internet to get motivated but then why do you think so many people still stay sad, stressed, depressed, complaining, crying etc?

I hope you got your answer why just finding some motivation from here and there won’t help you.

When you face any problems or challenges, remember –

  • To first check whether that problem even needs your attention, time and energy or not
  • Ensure that you have taken all the steps needed to find the solution to it
  • If you still haven’t found what to do that means you have not applied every possible options you have for the solution
  • If you are looking for a quick fix, you will always be in that same low state forever
  • If you want to develop mental toughness for any kind of challenges in life you have to develop courage and that can be achieved by going through the problems itself

And of course, patience, consistency and never-give-up attitude will always help you go through your challenges in life

I believe that the real learning happens when we get to know real life stories and experiences. If you also are a student of Life and want to learn more, listen to Intensify Humanity Podcast for more real experiences!

To get the real life examples and solutions read my bestselling book 7 Steps from Shame to Being Back in the Game.

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How to start parallel streams of income?

This is a universal question which has crossed at least once in everyone’s mind.

When I was in a job, I hardly had any extra source of income. However, due to certain circumstances, I had to freelance for quite some time along with the job.

But then it was too time consuming for me at that point of time.

When you are looking to start parallel sources of income, few most important things (checklist) to keep in mind –

  • How much extra time you have to dedicate for your other source of work
  • How much adhoc work you can take on, if needed
  • How much mental capacity and stamina you have to consistently take on the pressure of more than one form of work
  • What kind of work you can take up along with my active income
  • What skills do you have to leverage that
  • How much are you aiming to earn through each source of income
  • Are you building the parallel income to leave your current source of income (most likely job) or doing it just to gain experience

So you need to keep these factors in mind and be clear on what you are embarking on.

Because passive income is not always passive because it takes time and effort.

Once you are clear on these then start by analyzing your skill sets, your strengths.

Look for the opportunities (most likely online) where you can exchange your skills for money. Some of the examples are –

  • Content creation
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Web development/maintenance
  • Copy-writing
  • Transcribing
  • Editing
  • Consulting
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Publish a book
  • Speaking engagements

and lots more.

So be clear, analyze, eliminate what’s not needed, look for the opportunities and start you new source of income.

Intensify life to live the way you want!

What all things to keep in mind for a solo travel in India

‘I love to travel but have to wait for my friends to get free time which would match mine’

‘I love to travel but want to experience a solo trip but am too scared about it’

‘I love to travel and want to travel solo but don’t know where to start from and how to do it’

Sounds familiar?

Most of us want to travel, rather love travelling. But when those friends and family are not available when you are available to go then you keep postponing the dates as per their availability.

Sometimes, you just want to have the experience of ‘solo’ travelling but somehow never started off.

So what are the things that you need to know before stepping out for travelling solo?

Here are some important pointers based on my own experiences which you would find useful while travelling solo in India –

Know your place

A little bit pre-researched information about the place where you are going is always helpful. Example, the kind of weather conditions, culture, dressing sense, food, transport availability, etc.


All places in India are mostly connected by trains and bus. So after you have selected the place you want to go, see the rental options of four wheeler and two wheeler if you want to avoid public transport.

For trains it is better to book beforehand. For the bus transport check for the State run transport first as it is much faster and budget friendly.

If you are moving from one destination to another then check the connectivity. For example, when I went to Rajasthan, I rented two wheeler at Jaipur and covered all the nearby places with that.


Best way to enjoy the foods and have the hygiene factor covered is by having the local authentic foods. You get the fresh fruits and vegetables and also the processed items intake would be less when you are tasting the local delicacies. And given India is majorly a vegetarian country, you would get all types of food at almost all states.

Take your own reusable bottle with a filter attached (although it’s a bit expensive). This will help you to have pure drinking water. Buying water every time if you are on a long trip would weigh down on the budget.


India is a vast country with tropical climate. Whatever destination you travel to, better to check the weather conditions prior to that. Especially the clothes you will require at the Northern India is different from Southern India.

However, it is good to have interchangeable clothes and light multi-purpose jackets which you can mix and match and wear anytime.

Another important thing is to wear clothes which does not attract unnecessary attention (especially for women travelers). Prefer to wear clothes covering more than 70% of the body. Not all places are same but just to be on the safer side you would like to take this into consideration.

Also keep in mind, while visiting most of the religious places, wear a fully covered dress and better to cover the head.

Be a Responsible Traveler

Traveling is not just about fun. It’s also about experiences and learning. Wherever you go ensure that you respect not just the people and culture but also the place. Do NOT litter around even if you find litter lying here and there. It will not only help you have a satisfied journey but also you might inspire and encourage others to follow the same, you never know!

Hacks & Tips

Ladies, it is a good idea to fake a ring on your finger! It works most of the time. This peculiar trick keeps away unwanted men most of the time.

Keep a whistle, key, spray(any deodorant will also do) and torch handy always for safety purpose.

Keep emergency numbers handy. Local police and hospital details should always be with you wherever you are traveling to.

While India is a diverse country with a diverse culture, it is always advisable to respect and be humble and empathetic while traveling towards the locals and the fellow travelers.

If you have some other tips and experience do share it in the comments below. Would love to hear.

Happy traveling 🙂

New Year. New Mindset. New Action.

A surprisingly weird thing happened. Of course positive. Recently I noticed that whenever I open YouTube I search for videos which are useful for my growth. In other words fertilizer for the brain. Example, videos from Dan Lok, Jay Shetty, Dev Gadhvi, Oprah Winfrey and others.

Earlier whenever I opened YouTube, only movies and web series were being searched on priority. Now, I don’t feel like watching things unnecessarily which is not serving any positive purpose in my life. Some other shifts that have happened are there are only positive and like-minded people in my circles. Toxic people have been cut off. Brainstorming, discussion and continuous brewing of fresh ideas small or big are being discussed.

Story telling has been a major experience or learning you may say. It is a way you can express your most complicated thoughts.

In the last couple of days, hundreds of people have taken thousands of resolutions. Many will fulfill while some will forget in the hustle and bustle of life. Few of my friends have taken a new resolution of reading positive books for their mental and overall growth. They asked me to suggest some of the books to start off with.

Here are some of the books which they along with you all who want to nurture their minds and souls can go through.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

80% Mindset 20% Skills by Dev Gadhvi

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Crush It by Gary Vay Ner Chuk

Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

And many more…

There are lots of things you can do in this new year to see yourself at a much better position in the upcoming days. However, there is a small price you need to pay. That is, you need to take that first step.

There is a person who comes the gym near my place. He might be some VIP since there is a person who holds his bottle and towel, there is another guard standing beside him always while he works out. But ultimately after so many external help, he has to do the push-ups himself.

So let this new year bring a breath of fresh air and all this time the tasks you have been postponing and avoiding, start taking action for those. Take small steps. See the change in you. Be the better version of yourself.

Right time or right pace?

Have this thought ever crossed your mind at least once in life that you are too late to achieve success or anything that you want in life whereas others are way ahead of you in life? If yes, then congratulations! You are on the right track!

Confused? Let me explain.

Heard about Julia Child? She worked in advertising and media till her golden jubilee age in life. At 50, she launched her own cookbook and started her new desired career as a Celebrity Chef at the age of 51!

Sounds crazy? Here’s another real life example. Laura Ingalls Wilder started writing with the encouragement of her daughter at the age of 43. Her first and remaining several attempts were rejected numerous times. She went on improving herself at that skill for several years until at the age of 65, the famous ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ was published! She wrote the other series of ‘Little House’ of which the last one was published at the age of 76!

So if any thought crossed your mind that you are ‘too late’ in life even though you are struggling too much, just pause for a moment and realize the fact that ‘nothing is too late ever’. It is only a relative term, ‘late’, when you compare yourself with others. BUT our biggest competitor is just ‘us’.

If you feel like putting more effort in whatever you are doing, simply put more effort. If you feel like you need to pace up in whatever you are doing, then simply speed up, but because you want to achieve it and NOT because someone else is ahead of you in that genre.

Everyone is unique. So are the struggles and achievements.

Happy Life 🙂

Baggage with no benefit

When I first listened to these conversations, I was forced to think about it from a different angle. The event happened like this. My friend (a friend’s friend), Riya (name changed) and her roommate Sanaya (name changed) stay together in a sharing apartment. Just like any other sharing responsibilities, they had their designated set of works to do daily.

Since last few days Sanaya had been quiet all of a sudden. She recently had a break up hence was upset about it. Riya on the other hand tried to comfort her and change her mood in some way or the other. However, Sanaya was getting depressed day by day. Although she wanted to move on and be happy yet, she pulled herself back in some way or the other which only affected herself.

During that week, Riya had the responsibility of keeping the garbage/trash out of home for that particular week every morning. Instead of doing that, she kept piling up the trash in the same dustbin bag every day!

First day crossed, everything was as usual. Second day, third day crossed, everything same. Fourth day – Sanaya got up to a rotten smell in the entire house. She went to the dustbin and saw a huge pile of trash in huge quantity. She simply went to Riya and asked her-

Sanaya: Are you getting that rotten smell coming out of that trash?

Riya: Yes of course! My nose is very sharp 😉

Sanaya (confused): Then why are you so relaxed? You were to throw that garbage outside in the morning right? So why are you piling it up?

Riya (calmly): Yes I know. But why is that bothering you so much? Even though it’s trash and useless garbage, what’s the harm in keeping it inside?

Sanaya (more confused and now a bit irritated): Are you kidding me!? If we keep the garbage inside, only we are going to suffer and not the people outside or even the neighbours!

Riya(smiling): Exactly my point! How can you stay happy with so much garbage (burden) inside you? How can you move on smoothly and swiftly by carrying the useless baggage unnecessarily which is only imparting the rotten feeling within you?

Sanaya was stunned. Stood there for a few minutes without saying a word. She was absorbed in those simple words of her roommate. It took her no further time to understand the reality and basis of her life. With a huge smile she hugged Riya and thanked for clearing her mind off from all the unnecessary stuffs.

A simple yet a powerful message. Whether it’s a breakup, sack from job, losing a close one, business loss or any kind of failure under the Sun is a baggage which we carry from the past into our present and future. Although the context of this baggage remains the same, yet the weight of this baggage increases to become a burden which is in no way good for us mentally, emotionally or physical and also for the people around us.

So always leave or at least try to leave your unnecessary baggage in the past. Simply bring in the learning from the baggage into the present and future.

Happy Life 🙂

EatStreet at Brisbane. Food paradise in Australia

When you are in a new country, the first thing you look for is food, be it your native food or the local food. But when you have the option of pampering your taste buds with not just your native food but also local foods and delicacies from all over the world, what do you do? Yes you are in the Food Heaven!

In brief – EatStreet is a place at North Shore Hamilton, Brisbane where there is a food festival on all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of the year. From food, beverages to live performances at more than 2 stages, you can enjoy your time and dine by the Brisbane River watching the mesmerizing sunset.

On the occasion of the 5 years anniversary of the EatStreet, here are some of the moments captured.







Another of my Moon shot 🙂

If you are at Brisbane, definitely visit EatStreet for some mouth watering experience!! Happy travelling 🙂



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