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“Have the FREEDOM & POWER that you never experienced in Life”

Step By Step Process To Your FREEDOM

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Intensify Life Program

Everything that is NOT taught in schools and colleges.

INTENSIFY your your life to get the Freedom & Power you always wanted.

This program is for only those who wants to explore and utilize their potential to the highest possible extent to do something great in life!

Money | Health | Relationship

Intensify Humanity Podcast

Listen to the Successful People and the Change Makers of our world.
Learn from their own journeys, stories, experiences and their direct tips and ideas to transform and intensify your own life!

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Learn from Somdutta

Each & everyone has the potential to do something great and remarkable in LIFE.

I am here on a mission to help people reach where they want to be from where they are and INTENSIFY their lives to the highest possible extent.

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Digital Program
  • Counselling Session

Read her Bestselling Book

(Available on Amazon)

If you are going through a phase of confusion, guilt, shame, don’t know what’s happening or what to do, then read this book to identify the HIDDEN meaning & get the step by step process to come out of that phase and redesign your LIFE!

Develop UNSHAKABLE & UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET & Bring Back the Peace, Joy and Happiness in Your LIFE. Find Your Inner Peace.

Harness the SPIRITUAL Power of MONEY & Bring in Abundance in Life

For Life-Changing Insightful Knowledge

What People Say…

“Somdutta is exceptional at asking right and very pointed questions which brings out actual problem.” – Shubham Mittal

“She helps bring out your uniqueness with her power of listening & asking relevant questions.” – Aureen M. Monteiro

“If you are any entrepreneur who is juggled in his business, confused, stuck & looking for some sort of meaning and FULFILMENT in life…” – Harish Ranveer

“I would like to thank you for your workshop Intensify Life. It is one of the best workshops I attended. It helped me to identify weaknesses & obstacles for new startups and got guidance on how to overcome those.” – Rajendra Kamble

“Just read your book. Awesome book. Am grateful to you. You have written such a wonderful book. I know this will change my life.” – Priya L

For Special Insights, Tips, Knowledge & a Crazy Like-Minded Community

It is important to have people around who does not judge you but understand and support you in the darkest of times!

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Intensify Your Life

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