“Hold Fast To Your Dreams…For If Dreams Die….Life Is A Broken-Winged Bird…That Cannot Fly…” – Langston Hughes

Hi! Welcome to my World! I am a simple girl but a huge appetite for various kinds of food all around the World, passion for traveling and photography and am also a Vipassana student. Traveling to new and unknown places have always intrigued me. Every place has its unique history and when you visit those, especially solo you get the essence and taste of that world and culture. Traveling is not only the best way to know about other places and people in the world but also to know about yourself much better than you have ever known!

You can get here the travel stories of the places I have been to, food reviews of off beat food junctions across various regions and some other topics as well – because Life indeed is a Crazy Journey!!

Life is the biggest teacher, friend and mirror of our feelings and expressions. Wisdom is priceless and abundant at the same time. However, we all need simple understanding, love, compassion and kindness towards our own self, as well as for each other. There is stress, tension, worry all around us. But the ultimate peace, happiness and stability is only within us. What we have inside us, the same we see outside too. So peace and happiness is not anywhere outside to be hunted for. Simple. Just look within yourself. Find the ‘You’ within you to live the ultimate best version of yourself in this beautiful life!

For your initial and continuous boost and motivation for life, travel and food, follow my blog. Discussions and views about your experiences are most welcome!

Happy Life 🙂